Tape Art From Berlin Kreuzberg

Tape That is an artist collective from Berlin. Our artworks are almost solely created out of adhesive tape. We design artworks for exhibitions in galleries, abandoned buildings as well as for events and fairs. In a variety of projects we shape art spaces, clubs, showrooms, pop up stores, offices or fair stands.
We are fascinated by the idea to create art out of an everyday object. Our influences range from urban art, street art and graffiti to graphic design, architecture and performance art. Each of our project is unique by involving the surroundings. Our works range from complex minimalistic black and white murals to complex and colorful light- and video installations.

What We Do

  • free art & exhibitions
  • Tape Art for brands
  • location styling and interior design
  • live shows and interactive art performances
  • Tape Art workshops
  • cultural exchange and international projects

What is Tape Art?

The origins of tape art can’t be easily determined, however tape art is often associated with urban art, street art or contemporary art. Berlin counts as the centre of this movement and we where involved from the beginning. The influences of different tape artists range from graffiti, graphic design, architecture and abstract art to illustration and performance art. Tape as a medium is very intuitive and the creative limits are almost unlimited.
We are fascinated by the effect tape art has on people, be it a designer, graphic artist, traditional painter, architect or even persons not connected to artistic practices at all. To spread the art with adhesive tape we are not only active in Germany but internationally.


Tape Art Berlin Convention

By creating the Tape Art Convention, we have established a platform in Berlin that attracts well-known artists from all over the world to celebrate Tape Art as its own art form. The facets of this urban art form which have become increasingly important in the last years, were presented at the first ever Tape Art Convention 2016 – a group exhibition which united works of international tape artists at Neurotitan gallery in Berlin. more …


Tape Art Hanoi_the cultural institute hanoi creative city

We recognize ourselves also as tape art ambassadors. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. In this project we have realized exhibitions, workshops and live-performances all over the world. Recently we have been invited by the German Foreign Office or the Goethe Institut to countries like Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, China and Egypt among others.