Adidas Station

For an international event hosted by adidas in Berlin, we designed six meeting rooms with tape art, a large empty white hall and a temporary night club. For the first meeting room, we chose pink and grey 3D-rectangles, which built a chain that crawls through the room. The rectangles make the impression as if they were flying or falling through the air. The second wall is taped with straight blue lines. We used the natural length of the room and gave it a dynamic touch. The third room has its very own character through a more calm approach. A black polygon structure plays with triangles in different sizes. Together, they form a single central element in the room. For the fourth temporary office we decided upon red and orange tape. We took advantage of the inherent structure of tape by solely using straight lines. We cut the tape in a manner, so that they formed an up and down movement, which gives the impression of different vibrations. The fifth room is designed with a rather wild structure consisting of triangles and lines in blue, pink and purple. The structure has central points of triangles, which spread through the room. The sixth room has a tricky rectangle installation in blue, yellow, red and green. The rectangels are intertwined and partly do not make sense at a first glimpse. This image plays with the incorrectness of dimensions. For the white hall, we decided to create a dynamic dark blue structure with light blue highlights. Rather thick blue tapes are coming down from a wall in the front, before going dynamically through the room and back up on a wall at the end of the room. This structure gives the plain hall a dynamic character.

For the club we decided to use silver tapes, that reflect the blue, red and yellow club lights. The structure consists of a mixture of small and large triangles which are mainly connected by the the corners of each triangle. Some triangles bump into each other. Different triangles are highlighted with white tape to stand out.