Adidas: The Base

The Base by Adidas Football is one of several adidas venues in Berlin. The old factory building is situated right next to the uferstudios and marks a centre for arts and culture in Berlin Wedding. It is a hotspot made for football-enthusiasts of all ages, offering many different courts for street-fooball, one on one cage games and public viewing lounges. More over official adidas events like tournaments and concerts are hosted here.

In addition to the public courts „The Pit“ is a private court designed for special accasions like team-events. We were invited to create an tape artwork that emphasises the exclusiveness of the court and promotes the base as the best place for playing football. In the centre of our tape artwork we put two different football shoes, each made for a special player-type. From right to left the waving shape in the background becomes increaslingly wild, symbolising a transition from a defensive strategic to a more offensive and intuitive style of playing. The green and lime-yellow tape we used fluoresces extra strong in black light which gives the artwork the little extra kick for parties.