Bikini Berlin: Opening + Location Design

Bikini Berlin is a concept shopping mall with a strong focus on design and fashion stores. With its unique architecture and perfect location next to the Berliner Zoo it is predestinated to host exhibitions as well as live events and changing pop-up stores of young urban labels. We did some live taping at the opening party: The artwork is taped on a huge glass wall, and is inspired by the monkey house of the Berlin zoo, which can be seen from inside the mall through this glass wall. The artwork features a gorilla and and a rhino, both abstracted to polygon shapes, in front of an abstract tape polygon mountain.

After the first event, different other projects in Bikini Berlin succeeded. During christmas of 2015 we added two more tape artworks on the main-entrance. Both of them we designed in a very minimalistic and elegant style to compliment the architecture of the building. We also created a very large line structure which covers almost the whole center including the staircases on the outside and the sidewalk. To keep the amount of work feasible we used very thick lines of tape. Also the tape lines are attached with an extra floor-protection to make sure there are no pickings of glue after removal.