Tape art around the world | Belarus

In June 2017 we travelled to Minsk/Belarus and contributed to the local “Art Island” Festival taking place at  Komsomolskoye Lake in Minsk. For this work we created an tape art installation holding two acrylic glass plates on which we applied thin black tape in such a way that a “Moiré” effect develops. Due to this effect, the artwork and the motif looks like it would “move” in front of the viewers eyes. We were honoured to create this tape art piece for the art festival and being able to exhibit our works along with other pieces of inspiring Belarussian artists.

Besides creating the tape art installation, we got a unique insight into the Belarussian art scene and met other incredibly talented painters, sculptors and all kinds of visual designers in Minsk. Amongst others, we met with Alexander Rodin – a former artist at Berlin Tacheles with whom we shared some inspiring insights into the world of art and the importance of intercultural exchange within the artistic sphere.

Big thanks to everyone involved for the great festival and experiences we gained during our stay in Minsk. Thanks to the German embassy in Minsk for making this project happen and a special thank you to Julia Nekrashevich for the great photos and your constant support during our time in Belarus – we had a blast!