Tape Art around the World | Bulgaria

We were really excited about the invitation of the german embassy in Sofia/Bulgaria to our first international tape art trip. During the four days we stayed in Sofia we taped in the embassy itself, at a local graffiti festival and also did a little freestlye quicky at a creative hub called Fabrica 126.

The tape art live performance in the german embassy was part of a cultural festivity in whiched we gave the visitors a little impression of tape art. The artwork we created shows two german stereotypes, on the left a proper bavarian which connects to a berlin hipster (at that time) to the right.

The sprite graffiti festival was really cool and it was great to get in touch with the locals. The one piece we did there is a persiflage to the colossal monument of a soviet soldier that was right at the festival spot – instead of the gun he holds up a tape roll! The other one is a classical graffitipiece were we not only changed the medium from spraycans to tape: „тиксо“ translates into tape!

Everything was documented by our great friend Zambian Astronaut, cheers!