Tape Art around the World | Cambodia

We had an awesome experience in Cambodia, a country in which Tape Art was almost totally unknown. It was a pleasure to work with locals and introduce them to this relatively young art form. We had the chance to perform live and work in Phnom Penh as well as in Battambang. Apart from processing our impressions, thoughts and feelings in this to us totally new and exotic environment, we gave a short workshop in which locals could try to use tape as a medium to express themselves as well. The largest tape artwork we created in Cambodia, was a mural in the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. We particularly interpreted the architecture of the buildings in this pulsating city. We almost only used black tape to concentrate on the  buildings themselves. Few orange highlights are used. While on the left side of the artwork the buildings are relatively realistic, they begin to float to the right. Finally they are flying and becoming abstract on the far right hand side, disappearing into nothingness.
The other works created in Cambodia reach from realistic figures to abstract structures and reflect our impressions during the travel.