Tape Art around the world | China

The first stop on our asia-tour was at Redtory Art Center, Guangzhou, China. Aiming to bring tape art as a widely unknown artform to students and young art enthusiasts we hosted two tape art workshops. The works created by the participants will be exhibited until March 2017. Besides we created two tape art murals ourselfs of which „Sinus“ was performed live and open air at Redtory.

Sinus adapts to the medium tape by using just vertical straight lines to create an abstract waveform. It is inspired by electronic music and digital technologies of sound-visualisation. The idea is to put digital artwork back into the physical world and translating acoustic into visual patterns. The artwork also plays with our perception of three-dimensional space in a very minimalistic manner.

Redtory Art Center was a former can factory for conserved fish. In our wall installation „Tape That Culture Clash“ we refer to this background by quoting the famous pop art piece of Andy Warhol and by adding visual input from the local surroundings.

We are amazed about the quick and creative ideas that the tape art workshop participants came up with and are very thankful to everyone wo made this project happen.