Tape Art Around The World | Estland

In December 2017 we got invited by the Goethe Institut to the capital of Estonia, Tallin. We have set up a Tape Art workshop over several days with local and russian students. At first we taught them the basics of Tape Art techniques and let them try out for themselves. The second day we released them to the entrance area of the Teletorn tower. The result was a super playful and diverse open air exhibition in which everyone was free to create his or her own Tape Art piece. Our contribution to the exhibition is a typographic piece. We pictured the two cities Tallin and Berlin crossing each other by art. This was most likely the first Tape Art exhibition in Estonia. Job done!

We want to thank all project partners for this experience and the support! Special thanks to Goethe Institut and the new Tape Art youngsters from Estonia and Russia for the hard work in the cold.