Tape Art around the World | Peru

As part of Geothe-Institut, PASCH Andina is the head organisation of the german schools in the anden region in south america. Once a year they host a summer retreat for some of their students in the „Huampani-Camp“, located close to Lima in Peru. Children from all over the region get to know each other, spend some free time and learn german together.

With a total of 36 students and 9 teachers from Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador and one week’s time we had the perfect environment for a successful tape art workshop: After getting to know everyone and teaching a little bit about tape art, its history and the different techniques we jumped right in and soon the entire camp space was scattered with students creating their very first tape artworks.

We were really stunned by the creativity of the students – our approach followed the philosophy to not restrain their creativity by giving them too many rules or telling them what may or may not work out with tape. Instead of being intimidated by this totally new medium they came up with really creative ideas and had a lot of fun doing tape art. So much so that when they had free time in the afternoon to go to the pool for example, they would rather take their artwork into a shady place and continue working on it.

Near the end of the retreat we had the great opportunity to tape with everybody on a main square in the little city Chosica near to Lima. Introducing tape art to this rather traditional peruvian city with students from five different countries was amazing! People were amazed by the idea to cover the ground and the surroundings with colorful tapes and even joined in and taped themselves. Even the mayor came to the square to look at the new look and was really excited.