Tape Art for Scansonic

Scansonic moved their business to a new property and asked us to do a tape art workshop with their company members on the day they celebrated their relocation. For the workshop we prepared a motif with black and blue tape. This motif comprises three laser machines in abstract forms and is inspired by the company’s objective which is to produce laser equipment. These three are supported by nine triangular forms which represent the nine subdivisions of the company. Furthermore, the blue lines in between the abstract laser machines and the triangular forms represent the connection between the products of the company and its subdivisions.

During the workshop we supervised the company members in filling the black outlines with colourful tapes. Amongst others, we advised them to first fill the outlines with one color and then create a pattern on this background with a different color, in order to create a well balanced and cheerful piece of tape art. Here are photos of the workshop and its result!