Tape Art for Google Munich

The Google office in Munich was the host for this year’s Dart Developers Summit which is an event that connects Dart developers to each other and to the engineers on the Dart team. The participants of this event learn the latest about Dart’s future and about the practicalities of using Dart to build apps.

To bring some color into the event and its location, we were invited to create a tape artwork at the Google office for the Summit. Therefore we decided on a piece that connects the Google office with the Summit and with Munich, the city at which the Google office and the event is located. The dart on the floor as well as the hummingbird are the logos of the Summit and thus represent the event. Surrounding the hummingbird are different monuments such as the Karlstor or the Frauenkirche. All these motivs are made with black tape with different widths. Furthermore, the different motifs are filled with polygons of different shapes and sizes. Some of these polygons are in turn filled the colours blue, yellow, green or red – the colours of Google.