Wolf Kino Berlin

When we heard about the plan to open a new independent cinema in Berlin Neukölln we decided to support Wolf Kino Berlin from the beginning with tape art. We organised the mini-exhibition „Wolf frisst Hase“, for which we teamed up with the vj-team akustooptik, to create a tape-mapping-installation. The tape artwork consists of 3 separated OSB-Plates covered with only white tape on black. At the opening party akustooptik created live-visuals, projected only on the white parts of the image.

In the second room we created a minimalistic and also majestic looking wolf that constitutes the center of attention. The animal is framed by a fairytale landscape, which we created with chessboard patterns. During the exhibition we used the room like a theater-stage in which visitors could dress up as animals and take photos in front of the tape art.