Tape Art Convention

By creating the Tape Art Convention, we have established a platform in Berlin that attracts well-known artists from all over the world to celebrate Tape Art as its own art form. The facets of this urban art form which have become increasingly important in the last years, were presented at the first ever Tape Art Convention 2016 – a group exhibition which united works of international tape artists at Neurotitan gallery in Berlin. These artists included Benjamin Murphy (London/UK), Buff Diss (Melbourne/Australia), Evi Kupfer (Nuremberg/Germany), Felix Rodewaldt (Munich/Germany), Jay Walker (Philadelphia/USA), Mark Khaisman (Kiew/Ukraine), Slava Ostap (Berlin/Germany), Max Zorn (Amsterdam/Netherlands), and us (Tape That – Berlin/Germany).

For the Tape Art Convention 2017, we aim to continue and expand this idea. This year, the Convention will become even more interactive, more open and more diverse. Instead of 9, this year’s Convention will host 24 artists and show a broader spectrum of artistic expression and techniques. This time, we also intend to promote an intensive creative exchange in order to connect this growing art scene even better. Through creative clashes, workshops and live tapings, the exhibition will grow steadily and and give visitors a chance to get in direct contact with artists. For more information on the Tape Art Convention and for regular updates on this event, you are welcome to visit www.tapeartconvention.com



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Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of photos which give you some impressions of the Tape Art Convention 2016. This selection contains pictures of the tape artworks and installations made by the incredibly talented artists that contributed to the convention as well as photos showing the making of, the opening event of the group exhibition and the gallery in which the exhibition took place.