Besides creating artworks and installations, we want to spread tape art to other people. Not only in Germany but internationally in cultural exchange projects. For this purpose we offer tape art workshops to the interested public, in which we teach the participants, not only the history of tape art but also typical techniques. Each workshop is focused on unfolding ones individual creativity.
Depending in the requirements we develop different workshop concepts and help the participants to realize their ideas with typical tape art techniques. The participants either create their very own artworks in free flow or work together on a motive which we design beforehand to provide an overall theme. We recommend a minus duration of 2-3h for workshops, but they can also last for several days. We offer workshops for schools, with students or professional teams. Individual approaches are always welcome.
The methods of working with tape are always very playful and the participants experience feelings of success very quickly. Mistakes can be easily revised, which fosters free experimenting. But Tape Art also has some natural limitations when it comes to design. We show participants easy ways ans tricks to overcome these limits in an open and communicative atmosphere. Individual creativity is supported by methods of abstracting and limitations are transformed into new ideas.