Here is a video selection of our tape art performances. These videos give an impression of our work as tape artists in different settings and show the making-of of our exhibitions, interior design, workshops and especially our beloved „Tape Art around the world“ – projects. Enjoy the pictures in motion and watch how our tape artworks evolve. You can find more of our videos on Vimeo and YouTube.


Ohhh de Cologne

For the opening of the new conceptstore Ohhh de Cologne we taped this beautiful lady. With this artwork we were part of the Passagen 2018 – a design-week in the city of Cologne, Germany.


Tape Camouflage @ Artcaden

One of our favourite projects in 2017 was the Artcaden exhibition in the Wilmersdorfer Arcaden mall in Berlin, Germany. In cooperation with XI-Design different Art-Collectives were given empty stores to get creative. For the Tape Art Camouflage Room we painted the Store white and created four different artworks with the same concept. In the different areas the visitor had the chance to become part of our artworks. Combined with taped furniture and clothes, they could camouflage in the patterns.

music (cc): Rock Angel by Joakim Karud


Tape Art Teamevent | Status C 2017

We develop individual workshop concepts fitting for corporate events and incentives. Common values of the company or teams are worked out in groups and transformed into own artworks. The participants experience a colorful and playful change from daily routine. We support them step by step to realize their own ideas with simple tape art techniques. Fun and working together in a creative way are essential.



We were super excited to be able to exhibit our Tape Art at the Urban Art event “Transurban” in Cologne, Germany. Inside the “Bunker K101” we created three different artworks, exhibited other works and taped the whole facade on the outside of the bunker. The whole exhibition had a mystical, colorful and exciting touch. music: Ser Olly – Your Nightmare


Tape Art Around The World: Namibia

Here is a video of our tape art adventure in Namibia! In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Namibia, we organised a tape art workshop with locals at the Community Arts Centre in Katutura (KCAC) and designed the outside walls of the Goethe Institute in Windhoek during its open day. Big thanks to the Goethe​ Institut and everyone involved for this unique opportunity to spread tape art in Namibia. It was an incredibly inspiring, fun, artistic and multicultural experience – we hope to be back soon :-).


Tape Art around the World: Saudi Arabia

In early April 2017 we travelled to Riyadh/Saud Arabia to take part at the Misk Arts Festival. During this festival we contributed to a local exhibition and organised a tape art workshop. For the exhibition we created artworks with which we combined our personal styles with our impressions from this exotic country. The artwork showing a fingerprint is inspired by our kurdish friend Can Demir. He gave us his fingerprint which we turned into a piece that reminds us of the individuals and human beings behind the many stories about the middle east you see on TV day by day. Big thanks to the Misk Art Foundation for organising this incredible project. We would also like to thank Zepha, a calligraphic artist from France who inspired us with his art and his personality. We hope to have inspired you as much as you have inspired us. If we are lucky, we may be able to do an artistic collaboration with new Saudi Arabian tape artists for next year’ Misk Arts festival – who knows.


Tape Art around the World: Porto/Portugal

This is a video of one of our favourite projects in summer 2017: our trip to the NOS Primavera Sound Festival in Porto/Portugal. During this event, we had the great opportunity to create our very own tape artworks underneath the warm Portuguese sun – good times! Thanks to everyone involved for this awesome journey.


Tape Art around the world: Montenegro

Here is a video of our Tape Art around the world project in Montenegro! In cooperation with the German embassy in Podgorica we organised a tape art workshop at a local High School and had the opportunity to do a tape art live performance during the “Deutsche Tage” (= German days) – an event that informs about German culture and society in Montenegro. Thanks to everyone involved for this great opportunity for cultural exchange and the possibility to spread tape art beyond national borders.


Tape That x Black Edition

Audi City Berlin launched their new campaign “Black Edition” and invited us to do a tape artwork that fits their campaign. Therefore, we decided to create an abstract work on their glass front as well as in the interior of Audi City Berlin. Instead of tape we actually used foil this time, in black, grey and red. While the black foil we used to as the predominant color (to match the Black Edition theme) we also used grey and red foil to give the artworks some highlights.


Tape Art around the world: Asia

Big thanks to the German general consulate in Guangzhou, the German embassy in Hanoi, the German general consulate in Ho Chi Minh City as well as the Redtory Art Center (Guangzhou), Creative City Hanoi and Station 3A and the German International School in Ho Chi Minh City for this great opportunity! We had the most amazing time and we hope we could inspire the local people and our workshop participants as much as they inspired us.


Tape Art Convention 2016 – Making-of

Ever wondered how to organise a four-weeks tape art event like the first ever Tape Art Convention 2016? Here you go! We gathered all the special moments we had while preparing for this amazing group exhibition at Neurotitan gallery in Berlin. We still cannot believe we did it – it was an amazing experience and we cannot wait for the Tape Art Convention 2017 to kick off.


Tape Art Convention 2016 – Full Documentary

A couple of months ago we organised the Tape Art Convention 2016 in cooperation with Klebeland Berlin. It was the first time ever we organised an event of this scale, and although it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride at times, we are incredibly happy with the result. We are amazed by the incredible feedback we received and thankful for everyone involved. If you are also still reminiscing about these incredible four weeks just like us – or in case you unfortunately missed out on the event – here is the official tape art convention documentary – enjoy.


Back to the Roots

For this one we went back to how we started Tape That: Taping an artwork at a friends living room. In this case, we were told to do whatever we like, and that is exactly what we did. Our friend now has a massive abstract three dimensional grid shape in his living room, and he couldn’t be happier! We used different widths of of black tape to create a sense of spatial depth, and we are quite happy with the result. We’ll definitely play around with this some more in the future.


10th Anniversary of Berlin Main Station

For the 10th anniversary of the Berlin main train station, we designed large parts of the floors inside the station with straight tape lines in different colors. The lines formed an abstract system on the floor as well as on the stairs. On the front – at the main entrance of the main station, we created lines that form an abstract interpretation of a network. We decided to implement highlights with translucent tape. This effect could be especially seen at night time.


Tape That x Tandem

For this project the London-based start-up bank Tandem invited us to fly to London to shoot a video about the design of their brand new and first ever credit card. The design is an effort to combine tape art with data generated by customers of the bank. Customers were interviewed about their life with money on camera. The resulting data was plotted in a two dimensional scatter plot, which was then freely interpreted in a tape art work by us. The resulting art work can now be found on tandem’s credit cards.


Tape art around the world: Los Angeles

We travelled to Los Angeles and had the great opportunity for doing some amazing tape art projects. We created a tape art installation for MINI in the lobby of a large hotel. In line with the motto of its event, we taped a white polygon structure of a rather radiating nature. Furthermore we made a tape artwork at the new office of Buscemi -a shoe designer from Hollywood. In addition, we had the honour to collaborate on various artworks with FLEKZ in an artist residence. Thanks for everyone involved – we had an amazing time in L.A.


Tape art around the world: Egypt

One of our favorite tape art cultural trips took us all the way to Egypt. We were invited by the Robert-Bosch Stiftung to to give tape art workshops for arts students at Minya University in Minya, Egypt. We also taped two tape artworks during these workshops and closed the workshop with a group exhibition containing artworks of participating students and our artworks.
After that, we stayed in Cairo for couple of days and taped an artwork displaying a stylized Cairo city scene at Goethe Institute Cairo, and hosted a panel discussion on the state of tape art and its general role in the urban art scene. Good times!


Tape art around the world: Cambodia

We had an awesome experience in Cambodia, a country in which Tape Art was almost totally unknown. It was a pleasure to work with locals and introduce them to this relatively young art form. We had the chance to perform live and to create artswork in Phnom Penh as well as in Battambang. Apart from processing our impressions, thoughts and feelings in this to us totally new and exotic environment, we gave a short workshop in which locals could try to use tape as a medium to express themselves as well.


Tape art around the world: Qatar

We were invited by the German Embassy in Qatar to create some tape artworks and give workshops in Doha. We were resident artists at Katara art center for a couple of days were we created two tape artworks. In one of those artwork we tried arabic calligraphy for the first time! Really challenging, as local accents change the way certain expressions are written, and we are still not completely sure if this artwork means what we wanted it to mean :). the end of the trip we created to artworks live at the German National Holiday party of the German Embassy, and also exhibited some of the artworks that were created during the workshops.


Tape That x Share the meal

Share The Meal is a new app designed by the nonprofit-organisation “World Food Programme” aiming to fight global hunger. Users can directly share their food with children in 3rd world countries. When the app was announced for launch we applied to support the campaign with a tape-artwork touring through different cities in Germany. Therefore we created a transportable artwork on wooden OSB-plates. The image shows a tipical lesothian landscape with a native family. On top we put a large smartphone, which we first taped on wood and then cut of the outstanding parts of the board.


Black Matter

At Tremuschi Ink – a tattoo studio in Berlin – we composed an installation, that we decided to title “Black Matter”. It opened with a vernissage.
It was our vision to create an explosive black-white contrast by only using black tape in an entirely white space. The walls and the ceiling of the tattoo studio were painted white. To create an entirely white space, we used white foil and also covered the floor. Wooden white painted constructions, which were integrated and absorbed by black tape, provided tangible objects in the room.


Tape art around the world: London

In the context of an art exhibition about the east/west conflict in Germany at the second half of the last century, we were invited to London. As a Berlin based artist collective we had the opportunity to find a real connection to the subject, since it is still present in every day life in Berlin.
As a motif, we chose a personified watchtower symbolizing all the conflicts that happened right at the Berlin wall. The watchtower saw all of the pain the people experienced during this time. This is why the watchtower is crying. The sign reading “YOU ARE LEAVING WESTBERLIN” simply underlines the difficult circumstances at the time.


Crumpler goes Tape Art

For the photo & adventure fair in Duisburg, Crumpler invited us to design their exhibition stand. We performed live, so visitors could observe the process of creating the artwork step by step. For this piece we decided to convey a “big-city” feeling. Endless grey elements are forming a field of apartments, which do not appear to ever end on the horizon. Orange highlights, shaped like hidden entrances, add a mysterious touch to the anonymous city. This atmosphere is inspired by potential endless opportunities and the danger of getting lost at the same time, which are both present in large cities.


Tape Art at Royal Wedding Festival

The music club Brunnen 70 In Berlin Wedding organised the party “Royal Wedding Festival” – a homage to the district named Wedding in which the party takes places. To give this electronic music night an artsy and creative feeling, they team of Royal Wedding Festival invited us to create a tape artwork for this special night. Therefore, we decided to do a tape-mapping project. We designed a tape artwork for a large black wall at this club and mapped a video specifically for and on this piece.


Wolf Kino Berlin: Tapemapping w/Akustooptik

When we heared about the plan to open a new independent cinema in Berlin Neukölln we decided to support Wolf Kino Berlin from the beginning. To raise attention for their crowdfunding-campaign we organised the mini-exhibition “Wolf frisst Hase”, showcasing a combination of visual arts and cinema. For that purpose we teamed up with the vj-team akustooptik, to create a tape-mapping-installation. The artwork consists of 3 separated OSB-Plates covered with white tape on black color.


Lunatic Festival 2013

At the LUNATIC music and art festival we designed one wall of a white cube, while other artists designed the other three sides. We divided the wall into three parts and in each part we created a human face in a different style. Each face is made out of the exact same tape. This installation illustrates really well that the same tape can be used in different ways. The left female face has cartoon-like character. The face in the middle consists exclusively out of curved lines, while the face on the right side is made up of polygons.



C.R.E.A.M. covers a living room in cologne: With only black tapes in different width an appealing artwork is created on the wall. The variety of the forms shows how versatile tape can be as a medium and that it is possible to create very curvy lines with thin tapes and simple straight lines with thicker tapes. It is therefore really convenient for lettering. What we like about this artwork is the straight and clean look that is created by the perfect contrast of the black tape on the white wall.


Wuppertaler Schwebebahn

One of the agencies that accompanied us during the Audi Heartbeat Roadshow engaged us to do an artwork in their office in Wuppertal. They had a big white empty wall in the entrance hall which functioned as a perfect tape canvas for us. We decided to pick up the “Wuppertaler Schwebebahn” in the artwork and combine it with local elements of Wuppertal. The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn is one of the very few suspension railways in the world and the first one to be interpreted into a tape artwork as fas as we know.


Tape Art around the World: Bulgaria

We were really excited about the invitation of the german embassy in Sofia/Bulgaria to our first international tape art trip. During the four days of our trip we taped in the embassy itself, at a local graffiti festival and also did a little freestyle quicky at a creative hub called Fabrica 126. For the sprite graffiti festival we did a piece that is a persiflage to the colossal monument of a soviet soldier that was right at the festival spot – instead of the gun he holds up a tape roll. The other work is a classical graffitipiece were we not only changed the medium from spraycans to tape: “тиксо” translates into tape!


Dimensionen im Licht

This project was realized in the berlin undergrond club Brunnen70. It is a tape art installation that is responsive to light: We only used blue, green and red tape – each of these colors will only light up if you shine on it with light of the same color! This “rgb-effect” allowed us to incorporate three layers into a single artwork. To further exploit this effect we constructed the forms as 3 dimensional structures that all follow the same vanishing point.